Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Did Van Gogh Bleed Color?

Why did Van Gogh bleed bold color and strokes on canvas? Did he go crazy because he chose wrong? Have you ever made a decision and been plagued with second thoughts?

Wheatfield With Crows, Vincent Van Gogh


  1. Hi Aly! I saw your comment on Seekerville and popped by. Your bio is so funny. I think I have some Daddy issues too. LOL Also, I'm in Florida too!
    I don't know if Van Gogh chose wrong or if his painting would have been different if he was. You have to think it would've been...interesting question.

  2. Hahaaa, this is funny. I thought Aly was real but just read the top and realized that I should be talking to Ann! lol
    Sorry Ann. I like Aly, btw. Heeheee!